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Here you can learn how we go about implementing our mission


Here are a few short stories of past projects.


We have been witnesses of many miracles! Here we share about a few of them.

Overview of projects


Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation

(The Bibel, Mark 16:15 NIV)


That is our mission. Jesus sent each of us to bring the Gospel, the saving and life-changing message of salvation, to all people and nations. Here at LJM, God has given us a special mission and vision for Africa. We have also been able to minister in other countries, but our primary focus is here.


Africa shall be changed, renewed and transformed through the Gospel. Everyone should have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and to grow deeper in their relationship with God and spend eternity in His presence. That is why we do what we do!

Our vision has two aspects: on the one hand, to reach people with the Gospel who up until now have not been reached. And on the other hand, to encourage Christians and lead them into a deeper relationship with God.


Here you can see how we live out this vision and mission practically:

Gospel Campaigns

It is amazing when hundreds and even thousands of people hear the Gospel at the same time, and when they personally encounter God and experience healing, deliverance, and transformation. We want to intentionally make time for encounters, because that is when sadness, despair and worry give way to love, joy and hope!

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In order to provide a structure in which this can happen – a place in which people can encounter God, where they can be touched by Him and where His presence abides – we organize large events. The goal is to organize these crusades in such a way that as many people as possible are attracted to it. We design a program that is appealing to the majority. We avoid “Christianese” and anything else that may hinder people from coming. Men and women from all sorts of social and religious backgrounds should feel welcome and comfortable.

Jesus came for sinners – He entered their world – in order to then reach them with the Gospel. That’s also the way we want to do it.


After a preliminary program, an evangelistic message and the following time of prayer and worship form the center of the event. That is the reason why people are invited – to share Jesus with them, and bring hope, joy and a future!

We give God time and space to touch people, we pray for healing and deliverance and invite the Holy Spirit to work. When people are personally touched and experience God, when they witness miracles, it often has far-reaching implications – for the person themselves, but also for their family, friends and acquaintances who come to faith through their testimony.

We especially invite every guest at these events to make a serious and life-changing decision for Jesus, to open their hearts to Him, to turn away from their old lives and receive forgiveness for their sins.


During these crusades and especially for the follow-up work of discipleship afterwards, we cooperate with local churches. Every individual who makes a decision for Christ should get connected with a local church in order to grow in faith and be discipled.

Regular Short-Term Outreaches

We want to reach the unreached with the Gospel – those who have never heard the saving message of Jesus Christ. In order to do that, we leave our comfort zones (as well as the literally comfortable paths) and take the bumpy roads into surrounding villages. For us it is completely worth the effort if even just one person hears of Jesus and opens their heart to him.

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These mission trips vary depending on the region. We look for the best method of reaching each exact people group depending on the area and the clan, and use tools like the Jesus Film, a dance group, music, or other things to design the outreach.


Our motto is as Paul described: “Though I am free and belong to no one, I have made myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible. To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews…I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.” (1 Corinthians 9:19 & 22)


It is important to always have a local translator with us, as well as to contact the village elders before each event in order to receive permission from them, and if possible, even their support. Beyond that, we also include local pastors if there is an already existing church. That way people who give their lives to Christ at these events can immediately be joined to a local church and invited to their services. We encourage the pastors to personally go after new converts and to walk with them, especially at the beginning soon after their profession of faith.


We also try to give Bibles to new converts if possible, in order for them to have the chance to nurture themselves with the Word of God. We are convinced that the Holy Spirit uses the truth and the power of the Word of God to transform lives as well as to encourage and correct. Additionally, we also give out booklets that include practical information on the initial steps of faith. You can read more about this under “Discipleship.” 


A second building block of these short-term outreaches is ministering in existing churches. We are often invited to preach at services. We get to encourage our brothers and sisters in the faith as well as correct and comfort, and help them fix their eyes on Jesus and grow in a deeper and more intimate relationship with him. That is amazing!

Discipleship (post-outreach follow-up)

Jesus once told the parable of the four different types of soil on which the Word of God lands. Only a small portion of the seed fell on good soil, so that fruit could actually grow. That’s why follow-up is so important. Otherwise individuals’ newly-won faith can quickly be forgotten, the worries of everyday life stolen, and old habits can bring them away from the new path.

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It is so precious and wonderful when people make a decision for Christ. All of heaven throws a celebration for every person that becomes a child of God and walks back into his arms. This precious thing cannot be lost again!

But how can people stick with God, not become distracted or discouraged, and how can they leave their old, sinful ways behind them?

The Bible tells us that this is the responsibility of the church: to encourage one another, pray for each other, learn together and grow in faith together. For this reason we cooperate with local churches for discipleship. We strongly encourage them to immediately establish contact with those who recently made a decision for Jesus, and we help them run a basic faith course.

We are currently working on developing a program of our own which contains the most important topics for these new believers, including adjusting it to cover topics that are especially relevant in Africa. Until this material has been developed, we use already existing material so that the churches have something to guide them as they focus on follow-up. It is important that the initial teachings these young believers receive is biblically based and lays a good foundation. 

To accompany those first important steps of faith, we have created a booklet which we hand out at our events to anyone who has made a decision for Christ. On top of that, the new believers receive a Bible from us so that they can read the Word of God in their own language, grow in faith, and know the truth through the Holy Spirit. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (John 8:32)

Bible Project

We are convinced that the Bible is essential for every believer! God speaks to us, his children, through His written Word. He shows us His perspective, encourages and comforts, corrects, transforms and shapes us.

Many people in Africa cannot afford a Bible or don’t have access to one. We want to bless them with the gift of the Word of God.

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Whenever and wherever possible, we take Bibles in the local languages with us on outreaches, so that we can equip both Christians in existing churches as well as people who make a decision for Christ at the event with their own Bible. People are often as excited as a young child at Christmas when they receive a Bible of their own!

We pray that God gives them a hunger for His word, that He meets them personally, and that He speaks to them clearly – through His word.

Encouraging and Equipping Believers

One part of our vision is strengthening Christians in their faith, as well as encouraging them, leading them into deep encounters with God, praying for them, and equipping them in various areas. Additionally, we love creating possibilities for people to experience God personally and try new things, and our desire is that they recognize how fulfilling it is to surrender to God in our individual everyday lives. 

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We believe that the most powerful, sustainable, and effective change in people happens when they experience personal encounters with God, when they feel His miraculous touch physically and they are changed, healed and set free. No one can take such impactful and life-changing experiences away from them. Once you have had such a deep encounter, you have new revelation that no one can talk you out of.

That is why it is so important to us to make room for God’s presence. In worship and in prayer we intentionally wait on Him, and posture ourselves inwardly in such a way that we see Him more than anything else and trust Him instead of ourselves.

Through these moments of encounter as well as through teaching, discipleship, and through the shared experiences of ministering to others we create an opportunity for believers to grow in faith, to get set on fire for evangelization, to recognize their own gifting and to enter into a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with God, as well as be set free of lies.

Through conferences, church services, and outreaches together, we equip our brothers and sisters in faith. We encourage, correct, comfort, speak truth, and ignite their passion for the lost, and demonstrate that each one of us can live in a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.

We want to see the Bride of Christ ready for His return, and witness how the fire of the Holy Spirit turns people into bold disciples, and the Church becoming a place where we pull one another deeper into the heart of God.

Snapshots of our work

The Jesus Film Outreach in Turkana,  Kenya

We brought the living water of the Gospel to this dry area! It was incredible to see how many people accepted the message of salvation.

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Equipped with an SUV, the Jesus Film equipment, local translators and a lot of passion, we drove many hours through the dry landscape of Turkana, an area in northern Kenya.

We showed the Jesus Film in multiple villages and many people showed up. We don’t know where they all came from, since the villages existed only of a few huts. Men, women and children were pulled in by the sound of music in their own language and gathered together there.

As soon as it was dark enough, we began to project the film. Once it got to the scene of the crucifixion, we stopped the movie and shared the Gospel. Many hands were lifted to heaven as we led the sinner’s prayer. It was very moving.

Before we closed the meeting, we put new believers in touch with local pastors who will take care of follow-up.

It was wonderful to experience people giving their lives to the Lord under the clear starry sky and in the solitude of this area. The harvest is ripe!

People experience deliverance, Tanzania

Many were moved by the love of God!

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We got to experience God working as we, together with a local church, brought the Gospel to Magomeni, a district of the Tanzanian coastal city, Dar es Salaam.

People gave their lives to Christ, and others were deeply touched by God’s love. We saw healings and deliverances.

One young boy, for example, had not been able to sleep well for a long time, because he would always sleepwalk and hear voices. His parents didn’t know what to do, and brought him to his grandmother. His grandmother then brought him to our prayer team. Two days later, this boy stood on the stage and testified of what Jesus did for him. The demons were gone and he could sleep again!

Another example is the testimony of an alcoholic. On the first evening, he arrived drunk to the meeting. He mumbled unintelligible words and interrupted the sermon. But the next day, he came again and was more sober. That day he heard the Gospel and gave his life to Jesus! On the following Sunday, he went to a church service at a partnering church, and testified that he had not drunk alcohol since the evening on which he surrendered his life to Christ. Isn’t it amazing what Jesus can do?!

Nourishment for body, soul and spirit, Kenya

Food for the hungry and the Bread of Life.

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Even though hunger and suffering are taking a toll on people in many regions of the world, there is one thing they need even more than food: the hope-bringing and life-giving message of Jesus Christ!

We went into the Kenyan bush region of Turkana, which was headed into a famine caused by devastating drought (for a population also in the middle of political turmoil!) and were able to encourage the people there with the Gospel. We also demonstrated God’s love and care practically by providing food packages.

Jesus has the victory, Tanzania

God is stronger than the power of death!


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Bumba: a small Tanzanian village in the middle of nowhere, where witchcraft, magic and prostitution are the norm. But Jesus has the victory over the power of darkness! Unfortunately we only have the capacity to share a few testimonies here.

The people of Bumba were drawn towards the presence of God and came to the crusade, even though other people were watching and didn’t think it was a good idea. One man who had been confined to a bed for 6 years began to walk again! Sick eyes were healed. Curses which were sometimes connected to sicknesses were broken and people were healed. Two witches gave their lives to Christ and turned their backs on Satan.

We experienced what a destructive, binding, and deathly power magic and witchcraft have, but even more, what life-giving and hope-bringing and Satan-defeating power is in the name of Jesus! Hallelujah!

The Gospel arrives at EasterKenya

Hope, Joy, and eternal life in Jesus Christ!

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Sometimes you experience children, young people, and adults in the Church who themselves don’t know the Gospel and have never accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. How can they be salt and light when they don’t know the Light?

During this outreach, more than 100 youth and adults, among them many children, gave their lives to Jesus. Some of these youth actually came as part of the dance group and were already part of local churches. They joyfully received Bibles so that in the future they can read the Word of God themselves.

On this outreach as well we experienced the powers of darkness. For example, there was a witch that screamed during one evening service and danced around the preacher. She was a distraction to the others and yelled out curses. The other villagers thought she was simply an alcoholic, but it was obvious that she was trying to work against us spiritually. As we began to pray inwardly, she left the field where we were meeting.

One incredible testimony of healing at this event is the following: one man asked us to come with him to his house in order to pray for his wife, who was sick. We met her in front of the house – she was sick and unhappy. How did it happen that we went back to her again the next day and that she greeted us full of joy and completely healed? You can read about that here.

Riohacha experiences the presence of God, Colombia

God brought about profound and powerful change!

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Starting the first evening of the evangelistic event, something incredible happened. During the time of prayer, the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong that many people simply fell over! They were overcome by the presence of God and moved by the Spirit. Many people were physically healed. Others were set free of oppression, hopelessness and fear. People encountered the love of God and started to cry, and went back home completely transformed. It is nearly impossible to capture all the testimonies of people moved by God here. We can summarize it in this way:

This coastal city in northern Columbia that is characterized by drugs and a party lifestyle got to experience how immensely God is interested in every individual person. The powerful presence of God was incomparable! God confirmed the message through signs and wonders and showed the people that He is real and how much He loves them. It was very moving!

One Encounter with God changes lives, Tanzania

What one encounter with God can do! Many, many people gave their lives to God at the “Festival of Hope” in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. They were transformed, healed, delivered and changed.

We only have room to share a few of the testimonies that took place during this time. Yet all of them point to one thing: God is good! And He is true to His Word.

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We experienced many deliverances from demonic powers, healing of various sicknesses, and God’s tangible presence. The proclamation of the Word of God as well as deep worship had explosive power. We are so thankful to God for everything HE did. It was incredible.


One Muslim woman was shopping at a market nearby when she heard the sermon from a ways away, and she just had to come closer. As she heard the Gospel, she gave her life to Jesus!

One man with a broken leg got healed and started jumping around on the stage, full of amazement. Another lady with a bad nerve disease that had her restricted to two crutches got healed and started dancing full of joy without her crutches up on stage.

A young woman whose body was full of demons got delivered – the demons left, as well as the negative physical symptoms she had had. Similarly, another young woman came with a migraine – and here as well, the healing was connected to deliverance.

One little boy who, for his whole life, had experienced pain every time he inhaled was completely healed of asthma. A young girl who had pain in her ribs was freed of pain through prayer. 

Another lady who had awful back pain which didn’t allow her to bend over or lift up her arms was completely healed.


The lame walk

One man had spent six long years in bed!

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For six years, one man had been bound to his bed. But after we prayed for him, he began to walk!  Thank you Jesus for your healing power!

Jesus delivers relief from asthma

A boy had had permanent pain his entire life!

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For many years, every breath this boy took was painful for him. Yet Jesus healed him. He was so moved that he even went on stage and testified of his healing! His pain is now in the past!!

2 witches give their lives to Jesus

It’s true that nothing is impossible for Him! He can save anyone.

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It is hard to believe, but it’s true. Before, these two men had been practicing sorcery, and even earning a living through witchcraft and cooperating with the powers of darkness, but then they gave their lives to Jesus. Truly nothing is impossible for Him!

Delivered from demons

She told us that her body was full of them!

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The physical ailments of one lady were a tight and congested chest as well as breathing problems. But behind all of this there was something else going on. She told us that her body was full of demons! While we prayed for her, these demons began to manifest. But then the Holy Spirit came in power and cleansed this woman! A new life began for her – one of freedom and without pain!

Healed of a nerve disease

One woman could not walk without crutches.

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Without crutches, it was impossible for this woman to walk. Due to a painful nerve disease, she could barely move around. But Jesus healed her! She danced to the glory of God, full of joy and amazement.

Cursed flip-flops

Due to a curse, one woman had strong pain and swollen legs.

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One lady in a small village in Tanzania had lent her flip-flops to someone. Since she got the sandals back, her legs would swell up every now and again and she was in pain. Her shoes were cursed by a witch – but Jesus is bigger than witchcraft! He healed this woman and broke the curse.

A healed heart, a healed body, a new life

The tragic story of one woman who was thrown out of a church because the pastor thought she was a witch.

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This woman used to go faithfully to a Christian church, but one day the pastor suddenly accused her of being a witch. He kicked her out of the church, and slowly the other church members as well as her neighbours, friends, and eventually her own children, started to disown her.

She retreated more and more, became depressed and eventually got sick. It was so bad that she felt pain all over her body and couldn’t do anything by herself anymore. Her husband had to wash her almost lifeless body because she couldn’t on her own. She got medication in the hospital, but they didn’t help. Instead, they led to chronic diarrhea, which made everything worse.

After two year of this awful situation, her husband, who himself didn’t even believe in Jesus, came to get me and asked me to pray for his wife.

I shared the Gospel with this woman and she was immediately willing to give her life to Jesus and receive forgiveness for her sins. In closing, we prayed for healing. At first, nothing happened.

That day, she looked desperate, hopeless, and sick. But when I came back the next morning to pray for her again, she was a new person! She welcomed us full of joy. She was happy. And then something wonderful happened – she stood up from her chair and offered it to me! Jesus had healed her! Now she can walk again, work again, and be a testimony for others.

Just a few weeks later I visited her once again. At this point, her son also gave his life to the Lord. Hallelujah!

Attracted by the presence of God

She happened to be close by as she heard the message being preached.

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She was a Muslim. As she was shopping at a nearby market that afternoon, she heard the sermon through loud speakers. She was immediately attracted and wanted to come closer. As she heard the Gospel, she gave her life to Jesus! What a celebration!

A witch finds true joy in Jesus

What he was missing was fulfillment and happiness!

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As a child, this man started following the way of his ancestors and began practicing witchcraft. But what was missing in his life was fulfillment and joy. His uncle was a Christian and had what this young man was looking for.

During one church service, the man made a decision for Christ, but was worried about what would happen to him next. Even so, the next Sunday he brought all of his witchcraft items with him to church in oder to burn them all. After we burned them, he felt peace! God is stronger than the powers of darkness! A new life of joy and peace in God began for him! Thank you Jesus.

Free of migraines - free from demons

For over two years, her everyday life was affected by pain.

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For more than two years, this woman suffered from strong migraines. During a time of worship, she experienced the presence of God in a powerful way and felt the demons begin to manifest in her body. But now she is free and healed through the transforming presence of God.

Our prayers have power

One prayer spoken in Africa had a powerful impact in Colombia.

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While Simon was preaching in Colombia, someone in Africa was praying for him. This person was praying specifically that the Holy Spirit would move through the rows of people and that those attending would fall over, touched by the presence of God. On this exact evening, we experienced exactly that happening! During the time of prayer, rows of people fell down, touched by the love of God, freed of demonic ties and healed of disease. Hallelujah! 

Healed of strong back pain

She couldn’t even lift her hand in order to receive prayer.

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She could not even bend over, and standing for longer periods of time was impossible for her. When she heard the call to prayer, she wasn’t even able to lift her hand because she was in so much pain. But JESUS touched her body and completely healed her in one instant!

Clear vision - free from curses

At first nothing happened, but once the curses were broken, he was healed.

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One boy with pain in his eyes was delivered from his suffering. We prayed five times for his healing, but the pain remained. But as we prayed and broke the curses of witchcraft over his life, he got healed! Hallelujah – Jesus has the victory!

Overwhelmed by the presence of God

This testimony is not just the story of one person, but instead it describes how God touched the lives of many all at once. The experiences varied from person to person, but in each case it was powerful and life-changing.

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During an evangelistic crusade in Columbia suddenly a large number of people started falling to the ground, overcome by the presence of God. Many were delivered of evil spirits, others were healed. One woman experienced healing of a heart problem, another’s shoulder was healed. Another lady could suddenly bend her knee again. It was incredible to see how so many people were touched by the love of Jesus. They praised God with tears in their eyes. It was very moving.

Together for the kingdom of God